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In Biescas Aventura you will find 8 circuits, of different level, with more than 80 games. With your ticket to the Park, you can enjoy a maximum of three hours of adventure (two hours in the case of children's circuit).

First you will do the training circuit with one of our monitors. With them, you will learn the handling of the material and the safety regulations of the Park. After the training, you have 3 hours to complete all the circuits you want and in the order you want.

We have "big" circuits and children's circuits for the enjoyment of the family. The children can join the adventure from the age of 4, on the children's circuit. The more intrepid children can access the "big" circuits, provided they are accompanied by an adult or they measure more than 1,55 m.


Parque de aventura en los árboles para niños

Biescas Aventura, parque de arborismo

Parque de Aventura para adultos y familias


Adventure Park Circuits:

  • Training circuit 1: Before starting the activity, in this circuit you will do a course with one of our monitors, to know the material and how to use it.
  • Training circuit 2: The second training circuit serves to improve the handling of equipment.
  • Yellow circuit: Children's circuit with games adapted to the abilities of the little ones. They are designed so that they can enjoy a day of adventure, always accompanied by an adult.
  • Green circuit 1: This green circuit is a first contact to familiarize you with the easiest games, activities and material.
  • Green circuit 2: Games already require a little more skill. Children who do not reach 1.55 m. must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Blue circuit: In the blue circuit, games require skill and balance.
  • Red circuit: In the red circuit you will feel the maximum discharge of adrenaline: skill, balance and effort.
  • Zip-lining:  Circuit of 7 consecutive zip lines. Are you ready to fly?




biescasaventura biescasaventura
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Parque de Arratiecho (Biescas)

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