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Canyoning (clon 62_26) (clon 63_62)

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Dare to go down the river overcoming the obstacles: jumps to pools, natural slides, great badinas or rapeles of several meters.

Enjoy a sensational day in places of difficult access.

The activity is conducted by a qualified guide (Sports Technician in Barrancos) with extensive experience in group management. Active Tourism Company TA-HU-172

Barranquismo con Biescas Aventura Barrancos con Biescas Aventura Barrancos con Biescas Aventura

Details to take into account in the activity of canyoning:

Dates: This activity can be done from May to September-October (depending on the flow of rivers).

Difficulty: It is not necessary to have a special physical preparation or previous experience.

Approximate duration: 3-4 hours

Minimum Age : 10 year


Necessary personal material (provided by the client):

  • Small backpack
  • Sports shoes or mountain boots
  • Replacement dry shoes
  • Swimsuit
  • Towel
  • High sun protection cream.
  • If you wear glasses you must wear them attached with a cord or, if possible. If you wear contact lenses, protect them with swimming goggles or, if possible, do not wear them.
  • Waterproof or warm clothing according to the weather forecast and season. Ask us.
  • Picnic food
  • Minors must have written authorization from the parent or legal guardian


Material supplied by the company:

  • The company will provide all the necessary material for the activity
  • First aid, accident and liability insurance
  • Emergency kit


biescasaventura biescasaventura
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