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Tickets for the Children's Park

Options Tickets for the Children's Park
Tickets for the Children's Park
10:00 h
19,00 €
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Options Tickets for the Children's Park

Children's entrance, for children from 3 to 6 years, with her, can enjoy an adventure adapted to their abilities.


With this entrance the smallest of the house can enjoy 2 hours of adventure under the supervision of an adult (the adult does not pay entrance as it does not make the circuits).


The safety and well-being of visitors to the Adventure Park in the trees comes first, so we have:

First aid insurance and civil liability

EPI equipment approved by the European Union

Sports facilities established according to European Union standards (EN 1567-1 and EN 15567-2)


To make the activity more comfortable, Biescas Aventura recommends:

Sports shoes (it is not necessary that it is mountain)

Comfortable clothes

Fine gloves (in winter)

First contact, we will face the first games, simple, to familiarize ourselves with the activity and the material. Here the lifeline is a bit lower, children who measure 1.35m can handle themselves in this circuit.

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